North Coast Weightlifting League

The North Coast League unites weightlifting clubs in the region directly north of San Francisco. Our current teams span from San Rafael to Santa Rosa and meet monthly for convenient locally held competitions. Easy access and exposure to the sport is our main goal. Growth of weightlifting in our area is what we’re after, as well as obtaining a strong sense of competition experience and preparedness, as coaches and athletes geared toward the next level. Ahead of the rest, the North Coast League is the first to offer a regional system of competitions within the larger framework, the Pacific Weightlifting Association, which spans from central California to northern Nevada. The NCL is a cooperative organization. Our members work together to run the competitions. With many representatives who are certified USA Weightlifting coaches and as USAW national-level referees, we take pride in offering a valuable support system. If your club joins and you are interested in hosting a meet in your gym, you will be assisted. You will have your own gym members jumping into a competition, spurred on by the comfort and support of being at their home gym. And we will all benefit from the new interest you accumulate due to showcasing our sport.